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Fulfill your shopping needs

Come to Spokane’s best store for the goods you’re looking for!

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Don’t pay high retail prices

Prices at big box stores can be too expensive. Why not shop local instead? Millman Jewelers E-Z Loan has a wide variety of items for sale at reasonable prices that will make your wallet happy.

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A variety of items you want

Millman Jewelers E-Z Loan is a great place to buy gifts for someone or even yourself. A huge selection of items is carried including:

  • Guns
  • Bicycles
  • Guitars and accessories
  • Amplifiers
  • Other musical instruments
  • Tools
  • Watches

Can’t afford what you want right away? Ask Millman Jewelers E-Z Loan about their convenient layaway option!

Do some shopping or get an instant cash loan. Call now!


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